• Verse # 1

    I fell for you so easily,
    And you let me down,
    Every time I looked for reasons,
    You pushed them away,
    Now I know you’re my mistake,
    I loved you in the beginning,
    You were my everything,
    I hated you in the end,
    Now you’re to blame,
    For all my wasted time,


    I gave it my all,
    Tried my best to please you,
    Your not the one for me,
    So get lost,
    I don’t care if you call,
    I don’t care what you do,
    Why can’t you see,
    That I hate that I ever loved you,

    Verse # 2

    You used me over and over again,
    I can’t believe that,
    I listened to your lies,
    You were my only fear,
    Now everyone has to hear my cry,
    And see your tears,
    They think I’m the bad guy,
    But they don’t really know you,
    My words make them hate me,
    Your actions made me hate you,
    They don’t understand anything,


    Verse # 3

    You say your sorry,
    I gave up on your word,
    I don’t believe what you say,
    My eyes glow with hate,
    My fist clenched in anger,
    This may be the day,
    That I show it to the world,
    I see in your face,
    That you never loved,
    So what was the point,
    I’m so confused,


    Verse # 4

    I want to make you mad,
    I want you to hate me,
    I tried so hard to make things right,
    When you made things wrong,
    My parents hate me,
    For losing someone like you,
    They didn’t know how bad you are,
    It’s like I said,
    I loved you in the beginning,
    And now I hate you in the end