• For those out there….
    This is a pinnacle.
    Not only something such as a monument,
    Or a home.
    But a fraction of the mind,
    Something that has just been touched upon.
    Because we wander,
    And we are blind.
    See the truth!
    You know it real
    Look at me!
    Look at me!!!!
    What do you see?
    For we turn to dust when we die.
    And from that is where our ancestors came and went to.
    And they are me.
    Not like me,
    They are me,
    Even those against me.
    Where do you look?
    To God?
    The Devil?
    The Earth?
    YOUR OWN SELF???!!!!
    You look to….
    …You look to what….?
    The time is near.
    And those dead are weeping.
    For no one hears them,
    But. Me.

    Poem by: Adena “Marie”
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