• Standing in the dark,
    You provided the spark,
    That let me know,
    I'm not alone.
    You're just like me,
    Mirror Imagery.

    I thought together we could be,
    Something great.
    Take away,
    Each others pain.
    No more loneliness and gray.
    I felt it that night,
    Unravel quicker than light,

    But so slow,
    You pull at the rope.
    Taking away,
    What I've been trying to call mine.
    All the while with your tong twisted and tied,
    with a purpose,
    to keep me one step behind.

    Just like this mirror to a face,
    There are always two sides.
    I'm two sided,
    As are you.
    We're just a like,
    With our multiple,
    and upside down,
    Torn mouths.

    Seems only right,
    that in the situation we're upon,
    Your face,
    the other half of mine,
    Not like heart completing heart,
    that we've already done so...

    But this,
    so much more unpleasant and unseen,
    by the world,
    but seen by me.
    The universe,
    Deaf, and
    To anything other than it's black an white.
    That you and I know best.

    If it were me in your position,
    Being invisibly,
    Yet inevitably,
    Sought out by you,
    Instead of I,
    I as well would be falling back,
    Only for you to pull closer,
    Pull back,
    Try harder.

    This the sad truth,
    You also slowly back away from.

    The truth I know,
    That not only does the world take part in what we feel,
    But our minds,
    and partly blackened hearts from our own doing,
    That keep us from feeling anything,
    but but make us feel everything.
    at the wrong moment,
    Wrong time,
    Wrong everything.

    Everything we know,
    Everything the world knows,