• Everyday that passes by
    I'm still living in this lie
    The lie that I've created
    It's at
    The center of all the others that I say (each and every day...)
    And now everyday
    My web of lies constricts my heart
    It's so close to the edge
    So close to the edge of just

    I picture a window in my mind
    A window made of crystal clear glass (so beautiful...)
    There's a hundred millon cracks in it
    I swear I don't know just what did it (but maybe I do...)
    But all I know
    Is that I'm nearing my
    breaking point...

    I lie in silence
    on the floor of some room
    some where that I know (it's comforting to me...)
    I'm wondering how I got so far
    How I got so far without someone noticing
    Sanity and reason
    Are slipping too far for me to grasp
    And all I'm left knowing
    is that I'm way too close to


    All along the way I think
    What will happen to me someday when I break
    I fear for all in my path
    When I reach that final path (run away...)
    I fear this life so damn much (so hard to live...)
    But I can't die I know (can't go and bleed...)
    I've got enough reason left to know...
    that won't help I know... (not at all...)

    But still...
    I have to live knowing that I'm


    I just don't want anyone to see me...


    I'm so near my breaking point...
    Here comes my breaking point...
    Now I'm at my...
    breaking point...