• I had just woken up.
    He was in my house,
    I could feel it..
    But there was something interfering
    there was another one..

    That was his name.
    How could I know that?
    I knew everything about him.
    He was who I wanted.
    He was too young.
    His brother.
    I knew everything about him.
    I wanted what I couldn't have.

    I walked into the kitchen,
    I was greeted by two friendly smiles.
    Him. I could not remember his name.
    I knew it. Upon seeing him, all else disappeared.
    Something wasn't right. How could
    he interfere?

    I had never met them.
    I knew them from my dreams.
    From the memories of the past.
    Joseph was so young..
    So fragile.. was it possible I could love both of them?
    He was all I could remember.
    What was happening?

    All at once I knew.
    His name flashed back to me and hit me like a blow to my face.
    We all left.
    We walked down the hill, slipping in the snow and ice.
    We were accompanied by the spirits of the past.
    My friends..

    We were halfway there.
    My friends.. the spirits.. the ghosts.. stopped.
    ''You must choose.'' they said.
    Joseph stopped five meters behind me,
    and he stopped five meters in front of me.
    I was scared.

    They looked so alike..
    Joseph was so short and young..
    he was only ten years old.. he was taller..
    But why couldn't I remember which one was which?
    They were exactly the same. I would be happy with either..

    I didn't know. I couldn't tell.
    I took a step toward him.

    The spirits faded away.
    I screamed.

    Joseph was so happy..
    I didn't know who he was..
    which one had I stepped towards?
    They were exact. Equal. The same.
    I stepped back towards Joseph.
    Then I stayed in the middle.
    I loved both of them,
    it was as simple as that.

    I walked back to Joseph,
    all of the way, and grabbed his hand.
    I dragged Joseph back to him, and grabbed his hand with my left.
    I squeezed their hands and said ''I love you both, it's infinite.''
    the spirits came back. They knew I'd made the right choice.

    They ran at the sound of the gunfire.
    All I could feel was the pain in my skull.
    As the bullet entered my brain.
    I'd sacrificed myself for them.
    I would do the same if I had a choice.