• -Me without you is like...
    a pothead who isnt high,
    aplane that doesnt fly,
    a suicidal that does not die,
    a hooker with no luck,
    a hoe that doesnt ********,
    a shoe without laces,
    a nerd without braces,
    a sentencewithoutspaces.

    -Me and you are like...
    lilo and stitch,
    abercrombie and fitch,
    mac and cheese,
    thank you and please,
    bees and honey,
    easter and bunnies,
    sleeping and dreams,
    cookies and cream,
    green eggs and ham,
    pb and j.

    -We're like bamboo,
    if you break us we'll just grow.
    I'll never go away,
    because im here to stay.
    Me and you are best friends forever,
    we'll always stick together.
    forever and ever.
    I'll always be beside you
    until the very end
    wiping your tears away,
    being your best friend.
    I'll laugh when you laugh,
    cry when you cry,
    and feel all the pain you feel,
    but if you shed a single tear.
    Ipromice i will too.
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    ----- firegothchick (aka. Rebecca)