• Tear drops, drip drip drop...
    You were always the only one.
    The only to care.
    The one to run, With me,
    the wind in our hair.
    We always stuck together,
    scandalous it was,
    we never heard the others,
    ...I never did.
    You stayed by my side,
    until my fantasy ripped.
    Although you called me beautiful,
    Although it seemed to be
    I realized something
    something horrible...
    I let you go before we were found out,
    before you saw through too
    how I became such a desperate fool
    for the love between me and you.
    I sit in this little garden of mine now,
    I loathe this place.
    It's where I let all my sorrow flow
    So now I cry,
    I cry and sob and bawl and sulk
    my tear drops echoing the same sound...
    Drip drip drop.