• Sleep sweet, little angel.
    I swear things will all work out.
    I know your tired and hungry,
    and things are tough right now.

    (Things seem hard right now,
    but it will all work out.
    Daddy will be home soon,
    and he'll bring your sister too.)

    Alice, I know your a little scared,
    and Daddy and I aren't the best.
    I know Alanie is a tad difficult,
    and it seems like we're in a mess.

    But please, My Darling Alice,
    Please try to understand,
    that I need you to be a big girl.
    And there is no such thing as wonderland.

    Keep your dreams in your head,
    we can't keep chacing Daddy away.
    I know your sick but pease sweetheart,
    just please try to act sane.