• If love was a drug I would just say no,
    if I knew how soon you'd go.
    I was an addict looking for a buzz
    had no clue how painful it was.
    I would do it just to get the feeling,
    even though my heart was healing.
    The more I did it the more I had to,
    in love with the feeling of if I had you.
    Sometimes I wish I had never started
    'cause all it left me was broken hearted.
    I'm all alone and just can't quit,
    would do anything for another hit.
    Sometimes I wish you still were mine
    that's why I wanted to make this rhyme,
    you'll understand me in due time.
    And if I ever do recover,
    maybe then I will discover,
    you wern't worth it and I should find another.
    If love was a drug, I would take it making a habbit,
    and no one will break it.