• Anarchist’s Lullaby
    (written for Hollywood Undead, Copy write Haylie Beeman 2011)
    * Instrumental instructions, --> = chorus
    *bass and drums come in heavy, rap
    Were sick of taking orders
    Building walls at the borders
    All these stupid abuses
    Met by stupid excuses
    Medicate the youth
    While we suffocate the truth
    We wanna see them fall
    ******** the world, ******** it all

    *soft beat with light piano (shadow effect)
    -->This is the anarchist’s lullaby
    (don’t wake up)
    Let your words fuel the fire
    (burn it down)
    *keep piano but layer in bass and heavy drums, repeat chorus with more energy

    *bass and drums level out again, rap
    Opinions changing everyday
    ‘till the truth runs away
    And I’m screamin’ at the ceiling
    “Make the bad thoughts go away!”
    But no one knows what’s right or wrong
    This war’s been goin’ on too long
    But no one’s gonna stop
    Until they reach the top!

    --> Chorus! *don’t forget to repeat
    * improvise bass. Drum, piano, and violin. Start loud and angry but taper off into a soft drum beat. Begin bridge, rap (hopeless tone, grows to determined at the end) (as bridge progresses band comes back in then drops off completely at the end)

    Getting orders at the borders
    Excuse our abuses
    Medicated truths
    ******** it, we fall
    Everyday we run away
    Make it go away
    What the Hell is right, what’s wrong?
    *beat (angry)
    You don’t like the song?

    * remember, music cuts off
    --> Chorus once, soft with no music
    *band comes in violently (piano too)
    --> Chorus 3x very loud and angry (scream in background)
    *fade out (leaving only piano) and end on “This is the anarchist’s lullaby” and single note/key on piano