• I the angel with a mission
    i'm so different from those related to me
    the one who is the great Archangel
    a knight known for being the power of god
    and the other one being known for her healing touches.
    i with the same high level of emotions like humans
    they say that its abnormal for a angel to feel that way
    sometimes it scares me so much that i want to run away
    I who is the youngest of the three and inexperienced
    enticed with the things i dont know about
    i fell in love and got distracted
    my mission was to protect this world
    but instead of that it fell in chaos
    with wounded wings that were bleeding
    got healed when my sister helped me
    while the archangel known for being the knight of god my own kind brother was fighting the darkeness
    to protect the world trying collect his pieces
    my loved one came near me with tears falling from his face i realised he was so dear
    he held my hand tightly
    i was so weak my clothes were thorn apart and covered with blood
    i was like a wild rose red with the color like blood trying to find the a way to win
    something happened inside of me
    my body moved on itself and suddenly my lips were brushed on his
    and a bright light ignited from inside me and fighted the darkeness driving it away from us
    making it disappear and so the fear
    I realised what my power was
    it was called love it was something more worth than gold or anything in the world
    i was relieved that the fight ended but it was not.....
    the darkeness was still alive somewhere seeking for the right moment to attack
    with all my might like a knight and the ones who i respect my own brother and sister as example
    i will survive this long fight as long he is besides me and my dear ones my own relatives
    with the same bloodline and the world with so much things that are so beautiful on it
    but they don't realise it
    for them i will become a guardian angel a sacrifice
    I am an angel with a mission
    this my decision and i wont wait for permission from He who is my king
    i'm sorry....