• The days I looked up to you,
    All the times we shared.
    The stupid little things you do,
    The time I thought you cared.

    You didn’t.
    The lies and betrayal is buried too deep.
    To do all this that I thought you couldn’t,
    The thought of even wanting to be like you makes me weep.

    How can someone be so selfish?
    To erase all that they have done,
    And to try to mend bridges with jokes so childish?
    To regain trust, after disowning everyone?

    I still love you, but lost all respect,
    I still fear the future you are creating.
    After you destroyed everything I wished to protect,
    It shall take years before ill be retreating.

    From this place I hold peace and calm,
    Silence from your changing world and life.
    In this place my feelings you cannot harm,
    A place when only family and love are rife.

    But I will be ready with my feet on the ground.
    In my head this I shall refrain,
    The time that has grown on me will sound,
    Until I speak again.