• Dear Kristi's parents,
    I'm sorry for making the two of you cry
    I didn't mean to make her die
    She was alone and sad
    Kristi was just mad
    At how she was treated and who she would become
    Yet she had a great life compared to some
    If only she didn't listen to my call
    Then she would still be with you all
    Instead she took me to bed
    Thinking of ways out besides putting a gun beside her head
    Soon time flew by
    And nobody could hear her battle cry
    Against the use of alcohol

    Her friend called her phone
    She wanted Kristi at her home
    Without thinking, Kristi went behind the wheel
    Although God pleaded her to heel.
    She drove too fast
    Soon she went through glass
    That's what alcohol does to you
    It tears you apart, it makes you blue.
    Now she's gone and I am here
    Just us four cans of beer

    I'm sorry for all of the dread
    This is something you shouldn't have read
    Kristi was smart and funny too
    She was always looking up to you
    Now she's gone, she's dead
    And I am left besides her bed.