• Lies are spread out everywhere I go,
    I turn my head and there is another one.
    I've been told that everything was going to be just fine,
    But in reality it's just like being flayed by the cold and hard injustice,
    of that in which I have been given into the mercy of
    like a fish that's been lured from out of it's home into the kitchen of evil.
    For many years I've had to endure the searing hate of many,
    So many times that I swear if hate could actually burn I'd come home,
    I'd come home burnt so badly that my entire body was walking charcoal.
    I'd tell my school counselor about what was going on to me,
    but she would just look at me dumb founded as if she didn't believe me.
    For one to be told that what they have felt was all just a lie,
    it's like saying that the Holocaust never happened right to a survivor,
    It's a pain that is sharper than a murderer's knife.
    It's a pain that will cut one so deep
    that there soul will bleed in agony.
    To have some one you are told to trust laugh at your claims,
    when you have been broken to the core,
    There are no better words to describe the pain and the suffering.
    No matter how your parents angry cries affects the tyranny of a school
    There is always the onslaught that i had to face,
    no matter how well they pretended to listen i could tell in their own voice,
    that even though they claimed to echo my voice,
    my voice is drowned by the sounds of lies like gunshots,
    and each gunshot they fire,
    the bullets are aimed at me,
    the blood lusting bullets scream at my claims and tear them apart.
    No matter how many times i show the bruises i am left with,
    no matter how many times i show the cuts I'm scarred with.
    They call me the filthy liar and throw me out and let the beatings continue.
    They don't even try to listen to me and I've seen that clear as glass.
    I tell them I'm going to be at my breaking point here soon and some one will get hurt,
    some one will get hurt and it won't be me!
    They just look at me and say it will be fine,
    I would take the comment in and breathe a heavy sigh
    They would tell me that they will take care of it this time,
    while this time turns into days,
    and days turn into weeks,
    and yet not a single thing has been done!
    And yet again I'm beaten,
    Only for the school to tell me that they will take care of it.
    I almost want to jump out of my seat and scream at them,
    To tell them no i wanted results now!
    But instead i have to bite my tongue so hard that the iron taste floods my mouth.
    I have to hold my breath as I'm told about how i can only change myself.
    I'm not trying to control anybody i say to myself,
    I'm trying to be able to come to this retched place and be able to not want to be dead,
    I'm not trying to change anybody,
    I'm just wanting to be told the truth and not be told that no matter what happens,
    The backstabbers will always have their filthy knives in my back.
    They make this kid write me a little note,
    with words of apology written across it's face,
    And yet in the words my mind reads the sneering of the voice behind the words
    as i crunch up the paper and burn it.
    I growl in anger and plan to return the damage he's done to me,
    but i don't because i can't.
    The only thing that kept me in that hell hole was the fact that i had no where else to go.
    Because my parents told me that i only had one year left and that year was almost gone.
    And even on my last day in that blazing inferno,
    I am told oblivious and stupid lies.