• My eyes go black
    would i want them to come back?
    back to blue
    back you you
    back to the light
    back to the fight to survive
    will i want to remain cruel
    and let my heart become like my eyes
    because they are both Mine
    and i would druel
    at the sight of pain

    as they both match the skies
    and they turn to look at you taking my time
    You cant bring my heart back to life
    with the knife
    you used to kill it
    no tears fall
    no tears at all
    my eyes go black
    and dry
    my eyes die
    just like my heart
    you tore apart
    the same
    Color which i blame
    on your flame
    which I can't ever put out
    Of my mind
    wishing this was black clear and empty
    empty of what couldn't be
    of what wouldn't be
    you and me
    My eyes go black
    so i don't have to see