• I once knew a girl,
    A girl who never lies,
    A girl who has no skin flaws,
    A girl who was friends with everyone.
    She was "That Perfect Girl".
    One that every guy wanted to have,
    And that every girl wanted to be.
    One that was always in bed and asleep on time.
    But, there was a time,
    A time that she did something bad.
    The perfect girl went in the middle of the night,
    Stole money from her mom's purse,
    And without permission,
    Went with her friends.
    She was no longer "That Perfect Girl"
    She regretted what she did,
    On her bed, she was sitting,
    Knees by face and was crying.
    I asked her what was wrong and she said,
    "I am not perfect anymore,
    I remember doing nothing wrong,
    But I ruined it in the middle of the night..."
    She told me everything.
    I told her that she never was completely perfect,
    I told her that no one is completely perfect,
    But she was one of the best.
    I told her that everyone does bad things now and then,
    She felt better,
    And that was when I noticed that there was a razor blade,
    Right next to her foot.
    I asked her about it,
    She told me that if I was one minute later,
    She would have cut herself.