• Your kisses silence my beating heart.
    It shall surely ache once we part.

    Forget me not, my beloved flower,
    And I will meet you in an hour.

    In secret, to the garden we flee.
    There to be alone, there to be free.

    Here in the place where we always meet,
    Here you say things so soft and sweet.

    "Run away with me to another land
    Where I can safely hold your hand.

    Away from all that keeps us apart
    To a place that I may pour out my heart."

    I agree and we part, reluctantly so
    Only until midnight though

    I wake and see that you are not there
    I start to wonder if you care.

    But poison, I find, has taken your life
    And I was to be your lovely wife

    The pain I feel is far too much.
    My knuckles turn white 'round the knife I clutch.

    Your kisses silence my beating heart.
    Together forever, till death do us part.