• We hide our dreams in fantasies
    To withstand bitter realities
    When truth is raw and sharp,
    Sometimes it’s just too much for the heart

    Here in these cycles of ups and downs
    Many smiles, laughter, tears and frowns
    One we don’t know how to break
    And a mused heart in-between love and hate

    On neither sides of hot and cold,
    Uniquely a spirit stands strong and bold
    Who never once held another hand
    Is taking a quiet stand

    Sometimes bitterness and anger consumes the heart
    And unanswered questions break the spirit apart
    From being scarred nonsense
    To forever bearing down on the fragile conscious

    It seems easy to fall back in
    When battling between now and then
    But all in all, we just want to be strong
    Is that really, really wrong?

    We yearn to be bold
    Without becoming hard and cold
    We don’t want to hold a hand
    But instead take a quiet stand

    After all, we desire to be strong
    Is that truly wrong?