• If only I could tell you, why i'm always so down; youv'e never seen anything on my face, but a subtle frown. It's not my fault, I am fighting to be happy, but all these thing that are constantly bringing me down, are coming at me.

    My world is falling apart, it's crumbling to pieces, and all I needed, was just a friend to be there for me. I think music is my only friend at this point, and from my experiance, it aims to please, not disapoint. I just want everything to be better, I just want the pain to go away.

    Sometimes I feel like I'd be better off dead in a hearse, since no one understands me, surely, I must be cursed. Most teenagers are happy with alot of friends, and yeah, I have some friends, but somehow... i'm always alone in the end.

    I gave up on love , I don't even believe that it's a real emotion, they say there are plenty of fish, in this deadly tainted ocean. Eventually all the fish die, and I have no choice but to cry, because i'm forever alone yet again, there's no need to pretend.

    People say that depression is an act to get attention, but this is real, this isn't any hallucination. I can't be happy, I can't smile for real, some one please help me, someone please tell me this isn't real! I can't stop crying, I can't stop being angry, oh my God, someone just please save me!