• i had a life i once loved and made me feel like i was in a fairytale.
    there was a heart that i held with my dreams.
    and mine was somewhere else..
    in another home.
    i called the home an angel.
    i felt so safe..so loved..
    then i have to guess that i woke up..
    the home unexpectedly turned into a demon..
    torn my heart apart..
    ripped it into shreds..
    my pain became my tears..
    my tears became my only hope..
    then.. i died that day..
    i tried to move on..
    i tried to heal myself..
    i had to put myself back together.
    but life became so dreadful..
    i couldnt find the last piece to my heart..
    i couldnt stop looking back..
    and i couldnt love anyone else..
    if someone gave me a heart id tare it apart and pretend it was mine..
    looking back..
    i wonderd if i misplaced the broken piece of mine..
    i searched..
    i dreamed..
    i tried to follow the only connected pieces i have..
    Then i blinked.
    saw a light.
    surrounded by clouds.
    there he was..
    that angel i called a home i ever wanted..
    he had the missing piece.
    he had sewed it onto his heart within his life.
    now i remember...
    he always had my heart.
    he ripped open his chest and gave me a part of his..
    That missing piece was never missing after all.
    it was within my eyes afterall..