• My heart has been shattered; It was ripped out, and torn to shreds. My mind has been altered, so I feel as if i'm better of dead. I'm not exactly sure, how long I can keep pretending to be sane, when clearly i'm losing it, i'm going insane.

    I look in the mirror, and all I see is sorrow, and I sleep through the pain, just avoiding tommorow. Yeah, you see me smile, but the truth is, those smiles are fake, because if I can fake a smile, I can pretend i'm okay for a while.

    All of my life, iv'e been nothing but a joke, you can't take me seriously, you laugh , you provoke. I'm tired of living, what's the point of going on? I'm tired of this pain, iv'e felt for far to long.

    Don't tell me that it'll be okay, when clearly it never will be, how can you sit there, the one I thought I could trust, and lie straight to me? I waited for these last few years to turn around, but unfortunatly, i'm a lost soul, that will never be found.