• When your mind goes black...
    And No matter what you refuse to turn back.
    You'll never forgive anyone or cut them any slack.
    And you think the few that care want to stuff you in a nap sack.
    Wondering how close they'll get before they decide to take a hack.

    The thing I desire is also my greatest fear.
    The same fear that made me go from hot to cold in a year.
    Something that I could only wish to hold dear.
    But as I said before, they cut me down as I get near.
    My only defense is to cut them out with a fabric shear.

    There is a point in time where I feel weaker than cotton.
    Where I look ahead, and No matter what I see it comes out rotten.
    The goodness I dreamed of, how is it I could have forgotten?
    I haven't, it's just because of how old I have not been.
    Almost as if I wrote a story without putting the plot in.

    As I get older it gets harder to play the game.
    Everyone has been playing, whilst I remain the same.
    The high school boy, whose break never came.
    Walking past people, looking away because I lack a frame.
    Hoping for something to lift me from this embarrassing shame.

    I have ten fingers, but I close them because there's No one to blame.
    I lack a kept hobby and experience, everything that gives fame.
    No one cares to see inside of you, nowadays that's just lame.
    You can yell and scream in words but it's a burnt out flame.
    People post pictures of death, and cuts, your sadness means nothing of pain.

    Reminiscing of the conversations, "What do you feel?"
    I wish I could tell them now, I wish none of it were real.
    the old fashioned idealist hopes make it impossible to heal.
    Who's happiness in stories I read as a child welcome me to steal.
    And times where if you really meant well, it was never a big deal.

    The point is that I hurt because I'm a slave, and will always care.
    But sadness is a lesson in my life and will always be there.
    Because I will never stop on the way finding people who dare...
    ... Bless me with their kindness, and give me something to share.
    Filling my body with an intense heat that goes everywhere.

    Trucking myself until the end because there's No other reason.
    To give up on myself or my heart, it's practically treason.
    I don't try and then give up on the only thing I can always believe in...
    ...Forsaking myself because of others, going off the deep end.
    Life's new lesion is teaching me now that I've nothing to depend.

    I look down in the darkness as it leaves the darkest hour.
    I hold fast, knowing I'm standing with the last of my power.
    Seconds from falling, mind over body keeps me as stiff as a tower.
    But I know the gift of life will send me blowing away like a flower.
    ... Never have I ever wished to give myself more than to be able to say "Our".

    But who I am is never about what I've been through.
    It's always going to be about what I do, it's sad but true.
    Unfortunately I'm going yo ask, "What's it mean to you!?"
    Because if you answer correctly, I'll stick to you like glue.
    And you'll wonder how you made a lover out of an a*****e out of the blue.

    My destiny is a dream because my mind can wait.
    Though my body remains, waiting for that first date.
    The day when more people care, so much to anticipate.
    My mind keeps it at ease, with situations that I fabricate.
    Meticulous at nature, my heart is heavy like a Thanksgiving plate.

    Quit reading this nonsense, come one come all.
    To the trees that can't hold you up anymore, tis' the season of fall.
    Walk with me, your comforting words will strengthen this wall.
    And make you realize that this ol' fool can stand really tall.
    Come, talk to me, get to know me, and more importantly, let's have a ball!