• Saw you walkin away
    Lookin pailer than the clouds
    I saw the look on your face
    Looked like an angel fallen down

    I'm the one, I know
    Who will wipe away your tears
    You won't be alone
    I promise you my dear

    Then you started to smile
    And the clouds began to clear
    That gilr ain't worth your time
    'Cause you're one in a million dear

    I'm the one I know
    Who will wipe your tears away
    We'll escape some how
    'Cause love will find a way

    Now the wolrd is new
    And the sun is shinin' bright
    Now that I love you
    I know we're gonna be alright

    We won't be alone
    'Cause we're together now
    Let your love be known
    And I won't let you down