• Dust Spec


    Oh little Dust Spec, how do you do?
    I've never bothered asking much about you.
    So tell me, how much does it hurt –
    you know, that everyone treats you like dirt?

    Some just walk by, ignoring you on that window sill –
    where you are so very lonely, so very still.
    While others try and wipe you away,
    never bothering to ask if you wanted to stay...

    Poor little one, why do you even try?
    When knowing it all ends in goodbyes.
    Always hoping to be noticed – ending up in pain,
    that little sanity of yours slowly walking towards that train.

    But little Dust Spec, worry no more my dear friend,
    now that I've found you, your sorrow will end.
    I will be sure to help you, to be so very kind,
    to never just walk by and leave you behind.