• The silence sweeps across the night sky, the world is empty and open wide. The dreams and ambitions that many have lost, float gently through the breeze, a silent, inevitable criss-cross.

    The pain and suffering is prevalent through the wind, your greatest achievement could very well be your biggest sin. Poison and venom, intertwined like a vine, I cannot believe what i'm witnessing with my own two eyes. You can hear nothing in the world, everything has gone a silent black and white, it's like a lonely beach, waiting for the highest tide.

    The trees are flowing, the leaves falling about the cold, pale ground. Nothing is left, everything is dead and gone, everything is silent, everything is so alone. Not even a bird will sing in the morning, not even a owl, will whoo at night, for now they live in a cold world,filled with only black and white. An untouched canvas lies on the ground, but the paintbrush is nowhere to be found. Everything is lost, nothing is to be found, for we still live in the world, in which nothing makes a sound.