• First:

    Alas, alas, my little bonnet,
    What makes you go and turn so pale?
    I wonder if you’ll take my head
    Into the depths of this dying whale….


    ‘tseems the broken bounds
    Of such a lovely heart overstep
    E’en the darkest of penultimate inks…
    Of that I still work out the kinks.


    Bobbing bobbies upon the shore
    Catches fancies, holds s’more.
    Hopefully the raven caws
    Instead of calling tiger claws…


    Believe in me, m’darling.
    Believe that I can stay alive.
    My rapier’s broken, my hat’s aflame —
    I’m of water; blaze I can tame.


    Farewell, farewell.
    I wish to thee
    To one day see
    And remember remember,
    Maybe recall the way it ends
    And how we fall so
    Separately and yet together
    I grasp your hand and hold it close
    But they pull apart all I love
    And rend my mind and take my brain
    Alas alas! I scream in vain.


    This time my thoughts are more erratic
    Filled with a great kinesis, energy bounding
    Like the most detonative of gazelles.


    We march on at the edge of our hair,
    Hoping to concede upon a common gathering.
    Anon, she calls so fretfully so;
    I rush forth to save them none.


    Oho! The battle’s done and won!
    The war is gone and I may flee
    Home, home! to all I love and wish to see!
    Loss of mind, of head, ‘tis none.


    Remarkable, maybe, the memories
    Swarming about in my wee head
    For she hated me so to ensure mine never gained
    That bulbous feature that was her own;
    Nay. There was no time for fret to make
    But tea, the tea it must be saved
    For without tea honey’d purpose be none,
    And all will drown in the darkened sun. She shall
    Recall, recall, remember again, for once she
    Hath touched my cheek, she can never dismember
    That most remarkable, mayhaps, of memory.
    I smile at the cat whose tail is damned, for he knows victory.