• Dark ashes from the sky,
    Burn down the world to nothing,
    Resembles to my heart,
    and how it stopped pumping,

    Rejection is another mistake,
    that I cannot fix,
    and when you treat me good,
    it just feels like tricks,

    Yeah it's been awhile,
    since my love was treated well,
    Give me the same sorry speech,
    and it brings out my unforgiving hell,

    They say all that matters is a good heart,
    and with a good respect you're a piece of art,
    but the truth comes down to you're looks,
    because as long as you're attractive they'll accept you,

    Nobody cares if you're heart is as wonderful,
    as the sun shining on the brightest day,
    Nobody cares if you're intelligent,
    in the most intellectual way,

    But everyone says that is all that matters,
    yeah everyone says all those same lies,
    If you're attractive they'll just love you every time,
    Every time...

    As long as you're half decent,
    and really hot,
    they'll love you,
    Every time...

    If you can do some cool stuff,
    and be really attractive as well,
    they'll love you,
    Every time...

    And you've loved the same ******** person,
    and given all you're heart to them,
    but there's always that one hot guy,
    that gets her every time,

    Yeah every time,
    it happens every time,
    every time...
    Every time,

    I'll wait another day,
    Every time,
    and I'll try even harder,
    Every time.