• Stray

    Leaving the home I once loved with no trace
    Crossing the border face down in disgrace
    I walk down this highway cold and alone
    Feeling my heart ache and erode in to stone

    The sun now sets and here approaches the night
    The body starts trembling overtaken with fright
    Due to seclusion I must react hastily
    I alight from the highway seeking a sanctuary

    In the midst of my forage I notice a tree
    Fallen it lays but there’s enough room for me
    To rest and recover beneath its wilted leaves
    Whilst the determined bark reflects the harsh breeze

    Morning has risen, the birds sing with glee
    It’s the call of adventure awakening me
    I look at my watch many hours have passed
    I wonder if police, are searching en masse

    Day follows night and night follows day
    This is the life of your everyday stray