• Sitting, and breathing, breathing slowly
    In, Out. Repeat
    You look up and notice him instantly
    His eyes, the deep brown
    The way they pierce your very soul
    You look away hoping he didnt see
    He did.
    Should you look again?
    He lives a new life now.
    One different from yours.
    You stand up,
    Brushing the invisible dirt off of your dress
    You turn away and walk towards the exit
    Only to realize that its the wrong exit
    Should you turn around and walk past
    Your heart says yes
    Your mind says no.
    It's late out, you need to get to your car.
    So you turn around, feeling his eyes look at you
    As hi hands roam down her body.
    You look ahead at the other door
    Hoping, Praying he says nothing to you
    He doesnt.
    You walk out the door
    As if you two weren't soul mates before