• Once upon a dreaded time,

    a girl, slowly losing her mind,

    takes a grip of reality,

    and eventually she sees

    the beauty, the horror, the love, the pain.

    Never again would anything be the same.

    Life is as simple as it seems.

    The only thing unaccomplished were her dreams.

    Vivid fantasies, left in ashes.

    Proves to her how haunting her past it.

    Every hope, wished to gain,

    withered away in the pain.

    The broken pieces of her heart,

    led her back to the drastic start

    of all the problems, all the games,

    all the cuts, all the stains,

    every lie she was ever told,

    the shitty guys unto which she was sold,

    the family brawls, and unheard calls.

    All of it twisting her naive nature.

    Becoming the source of all her hate for

    the world, its people,

    and the many disguises of their steeples.

    Causing her to fade away,

    never to appreciate the light of day.

    Into the night, she will descend,

    to realize that it is the end.