• Fait is getting to us.
    They all said it wouldn't last.
    We Promised to prove them wrong.
    But atlas like they all said my heart is breaking to two.
    I don't know what to do, I thought we where meant to be.
    But the feeling of loneliness I feel inside. Is growing wider with time.
    Each day I say I love you and I do!
    But How do I know what else to do.
    Two different time zones. Two different worlds.
    The only thing that brings us together is memories from That September.
    Memories, I cherish but your touch I long for.
    I miss being able to smell you in the night.
    But now you faded sent just lingers on the bedding around me.
    Just like my heart slowly melting away with the love confusion and pain.
    I love you I do. I Have a ring, I do.
    But maybe this is a promise I have to break.
    But one I want to keep.
    How do I know what to do.
    How come I'm so confused.
    My life finally came together and it's seemingly falling apart again.
    What do I do? Where do I go when I get out of this retched home?
    When do I see you once more?
    When does my heart come to a mend?