• I'm waiting on a letter.
    From my best friend Paul.
    It's been a long year
    SInce i've seen him at all.

    I sent him a letter five days ago
    Perhaps, his letter will be long and wise
    Though, he may be busy fighting bad guys

    I'm starting to wonder if I said something wrong
    Because Paul hasn't written in so very long
    I miss my old friend, I really do.
    I hope that he writes me a letter back soon

    Paul, I am worried
    So i'm sending a note
    It's been a whole week
    and not a peep from your soul

    I turned on the news
    To see who was winning
    What I saw was horrific
    And very bone chilling

    Our men are dying
    It's getting real bad...
    hopeless children..
    they're losing uncles and dads.

    Theres a car out front...
    I peeped through the window
    There are two men with peppered hair.
    heads down, walking up the porch stairs.

    Before the said a thing...
    I started to cry...
    Vietnam got you..

    It was a matter of time.