• Homes with harlots
    Loves confusion with lust
    Brains without thought
    Teenage years come so fast
    But leave so slow
    Drugs and cigarettes
    Gossip and petty bets
    Let the good times roll
    With the razor of time at our
    Parties and pills
    Drive bys and guns
    Band camp lovers
    Strangers with you under the covers
    No regrets or regards
    Self-destruction and laughter
    Scars on your wrists
    Pain killers in you fist
    "Bleed on my carpet you're dead."
    You don't care because you're drugged
    Out of your head.
    Stay skinny
    Don't eat
    Puke it all out
    And get high on the tragic fact of futures going nowhere fast
    No ambition for miles
    Trapped in your skin
    Trapped in your mind
    Might as well be stuck
    In a leather bind
    Stuck in these towns
    Nowhere to run
    Teenage problems
    A hand on a gun
    Quick way to clear a cafeteria
    Get on with the hysteria and breathe in the fumes of the rotting
    Sit in a circle and talk about
    Falling fast
    We were never meant for flight
    But you want to get high somehow
    And the dealers won't do
    Let's all try
    Jumping from the roofs
    Placated expressions
    And hearts bullet proof
    Bullies raging
    The young aging
    Suicides rising
    Poor on the streets
    Parents and children too hungry to eat
    But we party forth and forget all the pain
    Who cares whether you know their last name?
    Numbness in bottles and baggies What joy do you feel
    As the world ends around us
    Narcissism and empathy will rule