• When dusk rolled around
    and it was silent on the riverbank
    she sat near the water
    and stared into the blue depths
    that seemed to go on forever.
    In the dark closet all alone
    with a flashlight in her hand
    her whole body trembled
    as she reached for the silver
    that glinted in the light from the crack
    under the door.
    Snakes hiss in the desert
    and the sun beat down with a murderous heat
    as her chapped lips breathed out
    words no one could hear
    the tumble weeds catching on her
    pants as she stumbled down
    a sand dune.
    Her lips glistened with gloss
    as she stood alone in the parking lot
    waiting patiently for the one who she knew
    would never come for her
    and she rocks from her heel to her toes
    her purse heavy with metal and steel.
    Thoughts mingle and create
    a single
    One, two, three, four, five, six...
    One becomes one with the river
    another with the blade
    another looses the fight with the need for water
    the last just cant wait any longer for the bullet she wanted.