• As you walk into the streets of the world the two ways love and none love but first you start with love should you love right wrong or different as the journey goes on you have to choose how your love life goes on forever

    then PAIN you've been hurt so many and cryed nights but have you thought why am I crying for love when there's on out there

    TRUST the goal that's focused on us as I see how your going with our relationship

    WHICH GIRL me or her if you choose her your heart will be broken everytime you fall for her if me I will treat you like your a part of me hug you kiss you tell you how beautiful/handsome you are every day we will have love like are hearts are connected

    WHEN WILL YOU learn that im am the one for you im standing here with infront of you that im the only one who really care how you feeling are how you mood is if you cry i'll cry with you when your in pain i'll be in pain with you when your happy you wont be happy alone

    WHEN I SEE YOU you make me nervous you make me smile

    I LOVE YOU PART this is the hardest part of my life I will tell you day and night 24 hours a day I will climb on Mt Everest and scream I love you!!!

    ARE RELATIONSHIP is complete