• Returning to the page once again
    After a long time of being on break from-
    From- from what was thought of as a sense of depression-
    A period of time where reflecting on the past was
    Nothing in the line of an optimistic productivity,
    But instead
    - once reflecting upon my own reflection-
    Now realize that it falls under but the simple matter of
    Self Loathing. Though a simple excuse could be
    Brewed to the age at which these writings were performed,
    That reasoning is insufficient for greater thoughts have
    Arisen from the same point in time.

    Returning to the page once again
    Fills me with fear of the loss of what was once had,
    The creativity that was abundant with symbolic meaning,
    The vocabulary which astounded even its creator,
    The feelings that tormented the body and soul,
    The motivation.
    The motivation to continue and find not an interest,
    To find not a moral to the endgame, but
    To find a significant purpose to this period of thought.
    In a way what is sought is a song that will resonate
    With the soul and in turn create a state of tranquility.