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    Have you ever looked into a man's eyes not knowing what's inside.
    Did you ever feel a connection or is your heart just calling for redemption.
    But if you made eye contact, would you know for a matter of fact?.
    Is "he" my destiny or are these eyes of mine just playing tricks on me.
    I can tell you for certain my heart skipped a beat
    That encounter in my mind tends to always repeat.
    No matter how much time goes on. Who I'm with. I try to forget this feeling and move on.
    For that day I knew he was Mr. popular and me the misfit out of everybody. Time to carry on..
    But I'll never forget that day... Been 5 years since that day.
    That moment I walked through those door you look at me as I looked at you.
    Something was there. Sadly I'll never know if my thoughts and feeling were true.
    I know your with the pretty party everyday girl.
    As for me I'm with a man I love, for he tends to my tummy swirl.
    Although I truly love the person I'm with, as you love her.
    I will always wonder, Did you ever think of me? Not as a misfit, But for the connection we had.
    Or was it just me......?
    ❤This is unknown destiny❤