• Somewhere deep inside my black heart,
    I see light flickering through the shadows so shallow,
    Don't get inside that room; no don't even start,
    The fact of the matter is the forgiveness is too hallow,

    Gravity pulls us down,
    but our hearts will lift us up,
    Except for this one that is so corrupt,
    The flight will just destruct,

    Evil lives inside this indigenous cave,
    like blood stained wave,
    no way it can behave,
    its the only sin that can't be saved,

    The only life that God never made,
    but it's the life it had made me,
    I see the cross tattooed to my soul,
    But the cross is the one thing my black heart doesn't see,

    Can you feel it getting closer now?
    Like that thing that just keeps watching you,
    Haunting you taunting you,
    and most of all wanting you,

    I gave in once,
    but I'll never give in again,
    It tells me it's secrets,
    but it will never be my friend,

    Slowly this heart will go back and descend,
    After all it's all but a personality bend,
    Like a quick trend of evil I'll have to just rend,
    As these motionless tears are the only message I can send,

    It's not that simple to just defend,
    Surely if I did that it would just lead to my end,
    So come on now; listen and apprehend,
    This black heart is a broken road that will only condescend.