• We played,
    We laughed,
    But today,
    may be your last,

    We were going to play,
    like pirates today,
    but it ended much too quickly.

    We drew ours swords,
    to be buckaneers,
    said no words,
    but saw the sheer,

    Bright sun reflecting,
    off our swords drawn,
    but what we didn't know,
    is you'd be dead by dawn.

    Our swords screamed,
    as they clashed together,
    we were quick as a fox,
    light as a feather.

    I swung my sword,
    but yours went past,
    and right then,
    I knew you wouldn't last,

    My sweaty palms slipped,
    from the swords handle,
    and I could tell,
    Your life would be snuffed out like a candle.

    "Heba!" I shouted,
    trying to help,
    but right then,
    I heard your yelp,

    I saw your face,
    twisted with pain,
    eyes wide,
    never to blink again.

    You fell to the ground,
    with a loud "thump,"
    but I wouldn't accept it.

    I stood there,
    frozen in time,
    and right then,
    I realize.

    I fall to my knees,
    And start to bawl.
    Why'd it happen to you?
    Why'd it happen at all?

    I didn't mean,
    to hurt you this way.
    My name is Atem and I,
    Accidentally killed my brother today.