• Father has left me
    Mother has left me
    And I don’t know why

    I lived among children
    I lived all alone
    And I don’t know when I last had to cry

    A new father has come
    A new mother has come
    With false smiling and care they took me

    But darkness and pain
    Sorrow and suffering
    Was all that my eye and soul would see

    Broken bones in my legs
    Broken bones in my back
    Broken my soul and my spirit was long gone

    A cellar my home
    A wheelchair my toy
    And I still can’t figure out what I was doing wrong

    I tried to flee
    I wanted to be free
    The nightmares of this place hold me there

    And so I grew lonely and cold
    Electric words all I spoke
    And drowned myself in this despair

    No one saw through my smile
    No one saw through my wave
    No one saw the truth that I hid away

    I grew so scared
    But finally someone cared
    And freed me from another terrifying day

    I now live with this man
    I now live free from all anger
    But why do I reject

    The kindness he gives
    The warmth he shares
    Is this the last horrifying effect

    The cause was long ago…
    But the nightmare carried on…
    And if it is so…
    When will the effect be gone…

    And I still wait to smile once again .