• When all you hear is
    Arguing from your room
    When all you hope is
    That it'll stop soon

    Your parents met when they were sixteen
    Such rebels, the world was their fiend
    Love at first sight was their excuse
    But everything crumbled when they had you

    They are your parents
    Two separate elements
    Why do you think they fight all the time?

    And you cover your ears
    But you could still hear
    A paper is all they gotta sign

    Ear to the door
    Move closer for more
    A bash, a clash
    That's all was heard
    A yell, you fell
    But didn't hear the word

    Will only pray that
    Things will get better
    Will only pray that
    Your mind won't remember

    You pace back and forth
    Thinking way more
    What the next door does
    And what it holds
    When the dust has settled
    You walk down the hall cautiously
    Stung like a stinging nettle
    Trudging nauseously

    Surprised, wide-eyed
    Two elements working together
    To make things right

    Mother making supper
    Father is the helper
    He glued the porcelain back together
    As if the relationship will last forever

    You seldom smile
    As if the fighting was worthwhile

    It wasn't your fault you were born
    So stop your sulking and do not mourn
    The arguing was bad, you could have sworn
    Of course it'll stick, and leave you torn
    This feeling has left you feeling a bit sore
    And just maybe a bit reborn
    But don't worry, it's no divorce