• Tears like a mirror
    Reflect the sadness
    I don't want to see
    Your furrowed brows
    Your narrowed eyes
    The curve of your lips
    I want to make them all
    Tears like the rain
    I want to be the sunshine
    To chase those clouds away
    I want you to laugh
    Like a brook over rocks
    Like the wind through the trees
    I want you to smile
    Till your cheeks hurt
    You don't know
    How your face shines
    You can't see
    How your eyes sparkle
    Golden rays like the sun
    Form your heart
    Reach to me
    And make me feel warm and bright
    I want to always see the light
    Behind your glittering smile
    So please don't be sad
    Please smile and laugh and be happy
    With all your heart