• The facts slip past
    And you sighed
    Standing on the mast
    Contemplating life

    And your mind
    Doesn't know fear
    You were always fine
    Now you're here

    Do not jump off
    Think of the love
    Do not jump off
    Do not forget the rest of

    Your mama held you when you were born
    She loved your eyes, but soon she get bored
    She drank and screamed and to your surprise
    Every night was a different sight
    Despite her fights

    Do not jump off
    You gotta hang on
    Do not jump off
    You can't be gone

    You slipped
    Right through my fingertips
    I couldn't help ya
    I thought I knew I was sure
    I could've been your cure
    All this time
    You weren't right
    Hiding behind
    Your shade of white

    Do not jump off
    You gotta get better
    Do not jump off
    You gotta remember, remember!

    Your daddy left when you were young
    He said your mama he was sick of
    Everything was undone
    You thought he would come back
    Until, one day, it didn't go as planned

    You were kind and always polite
    But your energy kept them up at night
    Your daddy one time brought you down
    Shedding a tear, lying on the ground

    Do not jump off
    I'm right here
    Do not jump off
    I'm whispering in your ear

    Saying to you,
    "Love doesn't have to be right
    people have their own ways.
    You'll just have to sit tight,
    and obey

    Memories flashback in your mind
    In a cafe carrying a tray
    Alone and hiding behind,
    And again you replay

    You had friends
    Something I am proud of
    You had friends
    Don't you see?
    You. Were loved.