• At one point in time, man was connected,
    He stayed with his people, and he was protected.
    But evil men have been elected,
    they thrive in sin, and they've been detected.

    They're full of greed and deception,
    They've been corrupted from their conception.
    We thought we were under their protection,
    well it turns out it was a rigged election.

    Now we do what we can to stay alive,
    another day goes by, not one of us thrives.
    Men work their entire lives,
    but earn nothing, no matter how hard they strive.

    Well now it's time to show them who we are,
    they can't treat us like they're our Tsar.
    We'll tell them what we want from afar,
    and if they don't oblige, we'll get in close, and insist they disbar.

    For we've lived in oppression for far too long,
    we won't give them time to slow down or prolong.
    We'll show them that we are indeed strong,
    and this is not a place that they belong.

    And man can once more be connected,
    be with his people, and be protected.
    The evil men will be rejected,
    and their ill intent will be deflected.