• Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    What a day, I just alright, doing fine, was bored out of my mind
    Wanted to tell you some good news
    But what the f@!k happened!
    You were gone! Gone, gone, gone from my world, knew I should've never trusted you
    Of course, my feelings don't matter
    Everyone leaves me at some point
    But that's all right, because I'm damaged, it's all right, cause I'm a wreckage with quite a package
    You were such a hypocrite, told me to tell you all my issues
    What the hell, you never told me yours
    But that's alright, yeah it's alright, only told you a few of my secrets
    You broke all my walls down.
    (Down, down!
    Where the hell are my walls, now?)
    F@#k! I need them or else the insecurities will come out again
    (Chorus? smile
    Mix it up
    Gimme gimme gimme more, more
    Don't you dare stop
    I need a f@!#ing new razor blade
    My scissors lost their edge, my bootleg razors aren't enough
    Oh oh oh oh oh oh
    (Chorus? smile
    Mix it up
    Don't you dare stop
    I want to see blood, blood everywhere now
    Draining from my wrists, my thighs, my arms, and shoulders
    You have left me, thank god, I'll never trust anyone again
    I should've listened to everyone
    Why the hell did I give you a second chance
    But I still cry over you, yeah I still cry, what can I say, I'm a wimp
    (Chorus? smile
    Mix it up, pour some poison in my drink
    Hey! Did you get my new razor yet?
    'Cause it's my last day
    (I've had enough)
    'Cause it's my last day
    Pressure from every single one
    You helped a tad bit
    But now that I know that they are all lies, I'm done, I'm done
    With the world
    With people
    Especially you
    Say goodbye, sayonara
    All I wanted was the truth
    Hated every lie you all told
    (Chorus? smile
    Mix it up, is my poison ready now
    Hey, is that my blood dripping on the floor
    Can't really see anything now
    Gonna say goodbye
    I loved you
    But all I wanted was the truth
    Tell me you love me
    Because I know it's another lie