• ignorance in the night
    those who cant see
    broken hearts who lose the light
    and situations just cant be

    to find a flower near the moon
    is something we can hold dear
    look past the anger that will consume
    and please look past the fear

    this world will fall if none will change
    destroying the earth
    when people become deranged
    some say it was with them since birth

    forever one will have a desire
    while another is lost to dream
    some will be filled with passions fire
    while others will finally gleam

    passions are in a humans heart
    some will never see
    love will tear us all apart
    though some will never be

    we are all one though some will disagree
    this world is full of hate and hurt
    and so much more to tragedy
    close to the edge death we flirt

    i hold grace in my own mind
    while i see everything fall
    mankind will rise one day
    together we will come to the call

    situations just cant be
    broken hearts who lose the light
    those who cant see
    ignorance in the night.