• I wish I could change the world,
    so much still left unturned.
    The violence in society not sustained,
    Fault brought to us, still unclaimed
    I wish I could alter minds to think openly,
    so ideas won’t be taken carelessly.
    Equality and justice for every person.
    No matter race, cause, or religion.
    For people to love whomever they please,
    happiness their own, forever at ease.
    Wish this world would open its eyes
    Realize just how much is caused
    Hasn’t ceased, it’s just in disguise
    Hasn’t stopped so many crimes
    Pain, shame, and humility
    Nothing in this world too beautiful to see
    Love at its least, no need to pretend
    The future without worth, the past to forget
    If I can stand in front of those
    People with ignorance, convicts, and souls soon to fall
    Though tears of innocence continue to flow
    Pursuing for change starts with us all