• "The Sky's Tyranny"

    The rain drizzles down,
    slowly coating my skin
    like a delicious glaze
    while I'm eaten up by the wind.

    I grasp my shield tightly
    and defiantly watch it expand,
    it's purpose to mitigate my misery
    until these tyrants disband.

    A misguided knight descends,
    flashing his lightning across the sky
    while the thundering of hooves
    creates an oppressive lullaby.

    Enraged, the tyrants squall.
    I can't escape their indignation
    as I am whipped by the wind
    and slowly numbed to all sensation.

    I seek shelter from the sky
    as it seems my shield won't hold.
    I can do nothing but observe
    and seek the heat to warm the cold.

    The clouds twist and churn
    creating illusions in shades of gray.
    I search for the silver lining
    that may not come today.

    The flow of time is muddied
    as these waters soak us through
    and our words are all smothered
    as we wait for an adieu.

    Our hearts are slowly flooded
    and our endurance tested.
    As our thoughts march along
    to this pitter patter, unreseted.

    The rain dances on shallow pools
    as silver creases fill the skies.
    Then silver turns to gold
    and falls like arrows on our eyes.

    Reflections gather our affections
    as every pool is filled with light.
    The world shines brightly at the end
    of this artificial night.

    The tyrants' strength begins to falter
    I can't believe the battle's won
    as he waves his victory banner.
    Beyond the rainbow is the sun.