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    It ain't like I made a choice in stripping a part of myself just to be better at a

    job that has a better pay for a merc like me, hell even though it's a security company

    disguised as a tech corporation, it's the fault of the "former" corporation that brought up the

    thought of having people with... well with supernatural abilities or at least an attempt at it,

    but, I'm one of the lucky ones that didn't got caught in the massacre that took place at the

    Genesis labs though no one goes unharmed.

    I wouldn't want to go into history that much, all I can say is that everything went to hell on

    that weekend. You know that's also the reason why I'm like this, I guess I felt the need to

    remove any form of emotion, but, somehow it also took a toll on how my personality is

    now. Heh therapists... What therapist can heal the mind of a mercenary who's got a

    blood drenched void between what keeps me human and what keeps me from being

    human. What's best for me anyways? Life? Love? Suffering... Well I do have this one

    fear and it's that the only thing I fear the most is the feeling of regret or remorse

    towards those who've fallen by my hand or well anything I used to beat them to death...

    Humanity is doomed to live up to life's expectations,

    but I'm just a mercenary of a secret company, so I don't have to.