• Parasites are everywhere
    Its rare they truly care
    They will try to suck you dry
    They will watch you bleed and die
    This is the reality

    Liars cheat you everyday
    This is just he sad way
    Sheeple follow anyone
    They dont care you wolf or dog
    They dont care you hog or hound
    They dont for anyone

    Empty promises soon to come
    They care only for themselves
    Even when we walk straight into hell
    They will kill us all anyways
    People are like this, its the reality
    of things

    People lie and people cheat
    We survive only with deceit
    Everyone will stab you in the back
    Turn around they remove your head
    Soon the people you did love
    Turn around and they'll be gone
    No truth in the things we see
    False perceptions of reality

    Learn this and you wont be sad
    Even when these people are dead
    in the ground burried in the dirt
    You wont care for they were jerks
    Some just use you so why not use them
    Care not when these people are dead
    Dare not fill your self with dread
    Over a worthless parasites death

    This might be the saddest thing you hear
    but this will all make the world more clear
    This is the reality of things
    The things that not everyone can see
    People are liars and cheats
    They will abuse you and ask for more
    They care not how much you suffer
    So squash them beneath your feet and walk on
    Be happy they are gone
    these people should be nothing to you
    This is the reality the parasites should mean nothing